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Anvils & Equine Australia
Forge & Function Centre


Image by Philippe Oursel
Cowboy at Work

Learn About Us

Anvils & Equine Australia is a facility hosting a variety of courses and workshops. These include knife making, blacksmithing, farriery, as well as 'bring your own horse' clinics for equestrian disciplines and stockman challenges. Experts from around the world meet in Tamworth Australia to share their knowledge and help build your skills. 

We also hire out our horse arenas and facilities, as well as having a master farrier and equine chiropractor onsite. 


Facility Hire & Onsite Services

Floodlit Arenas - Stables - Barn - Roundyard  - Livestock Pens

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Arena Hire

24/7 Practice Arenas under Lights

Arena hire available for event or sale preparation, or for leisure. Only 5 minutes from the Australian Equine & Livestock Entertainment Centre (AELEC). Use of all facilities including barn, stabling, yards, mechanical cow, jump poles and 2 x floodlit arenas. Master Farrier David Winter onsite, and facility only 2 minutes from New England Equine Veterinary Clinic.

Master Farrier & Equine Chiropractor

David Winter

Onsite and available for general shoeing and trimming, as well as therapeutic podiatry and chiropractic work. Whether it's your performance horse, work horse, or breeding stock, remaining sound and fit for function is key to longevity and the best return on your investment and time.

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Beginner Courses - Advanced

Come solo and join a crew, or bring some friends to make up your own group for a weekend of fun and education.  

Knifemaking is dangerous, and includes regular contact with machinery, heat, edged blades, dust and chemicals. These courses are not recommended for participants <16yrs unless accompanied by an adult.  

The knife you make will be your own to keep, use, and perhaps even pass on as an heirloom to loved ones. 

“The harder you work, the luckier you get”

Say all those who achieve

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